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What To Expect

Welcome to our warm and friendly Peterborough practice, where we want you to feel inspired and empowered to heal and in the process create a better life for you and your family. Our office is paperless so you can complete the health history form online by clicking here. The sooner you can complete it, the more prepared Dr. Ange can be for your initial visit.

The First Visit

At this initial appointment, Dr. Ange will spend time listening to your health concerns and together you will dig deeper into your, or your child’s past and present health history. Next comes an exam that will include the following; a postural analysis, followed by a look at how your body and spine are moving. Dr. Ange will do a couple of tests to see how well your brain and body are communicating. These tend to be a favourite as the results can be shocking (kids love doing these at home!). Finally, Dr. Ange will feel your spine to see if you have any areas of tension, stress or restriction. After the physical exam is done Dr. Ange will finish the visit with 3 painless scans of your nervous system – a surface electromyography scan (sEMG), a thermal scan and a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scan. These scans provide valuable information about how well the nervous system is functioning and how well the body is adapting to the demands of your life. There is a lot of information to gather during this first visit. Once the history and exam are complete Dr. Ange will go over her findings and will present them to you at the second visit. Dr. Ange does not adjust on the first visit.

Please allow 45-60 minutes for this initial appointment.

The Second Visit

When you return for your follow-up appointment, Dr. Ange will provide you with her doctor’s report. You will be given a folder that includes copies of your scans. She will share with you the following:

  • What she found and/or what is going on
  • How she thinks she may help
  • How long it will take
  • How much it will cost

Dr. Ange will give you your first chiropractic adjustment at this appointment. She provides adjusting shoes that she likes practice members to wear. The shoes have a special sole that enable her to be more accurate with her technique and to get the best result for her practice members.

This appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Regular Visits

When you come in for subsequent visits, please allow about 10 minutes to get adjusted. To help you get better, Dr. Ange will provide a series of adjustments over time. The number of adjustments necessary to heal depends on your goals, your current state of health, how long the problem has been going on and how committed you are to changing negative health habits. Dr. Ange likes to provide resources every chance she can get and is often recommending exercises, stretches, books, websites, blogs, etc. to her practice member’s. When patients are inspired and empowered they are more likely to heal.

As the prenatal and pediatric chiropractor in Peterborough, Dr. Ange offers ongoing workshops related to a variety of topics of concern to today’s parents and parents-to-be. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our upcoming workshop schedule.

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