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Meet Dr. Ange Wellman

Dr. Ange and her dughters“I grew up as a competitive swimmer, and that had a huge influence on my life. My grandparents (who were from Peterborough) also epitomized healthy living. They played a big role in shaping my core values.” As chiropractic is a natural approach to better health, it resonated with Dr. Ange’s beliefs about life and healing.

Dr. Ange’s Introduction to Chiropractic

The first introduction Dr. Ange had to chiropractic was in university after working as a tree planter. Spending long days carrying large numbers of trees on her hips, she came home at the end of the summer with back pain, so her mother took her to a chiropractor. Her back pain resolved quickly and a couple of years later after seeing another chiropractor for neck pain and headaches related to studying “the lightbulb went on, and I thought I might want to do this for a living.” The symptomatic relief that she received in addition to how much better her body functioned while under chiropractic care led Dr. Ange to decide to make Chiropractic her passion.

Education and Certifications

Dr. Ange attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating in 2004. Shortly into her career Dr. Ange experienced a disc herniation and a melanoma diagnosis and she decided to take a year off. It was during this time that she met Dr. Peter Drysdale, her husband and also a chiropractor; he brought her back into chiropractic. “My life experiences have created the way I practice chiropractic today.”

In addition to her doctorate, Dr. Ange is certified in the Webster Technique, has completed the Epic Pediatrics training program and is in the process of finishing her pediatric training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). An avid learner Dr. Ange has also completed her Wellness Coaching certification through the Wellness Inventory program and she has completed the advanced Mind Body training program from The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

A Personal Story In Healing

In 2008, when Dr. Ange received the melanoma diagnosis, it was a frightening time in her life. Fortunately, they caught it early. At the time, she came across a book, When the Body Says No: The Hidden Cost of Stress. When she picked the book up it happened to open to a page that recounted the story of a man who had melanoma and the role that stress and repressed emotion might play.

As a result of reading his account, Dr. Ange enrolled herself in an 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction program. The focus was on living in the moment and listening to the body and the messages it sends. Her body wasn’t done communicating: shortly into the program her left foot started to do some strange things. She ended up in the ER, and a brain scan was performed. She was told to come back because they thought they found something.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a tumor but, for the next few years, Dr. Ange had brain scans every six months. The gift that came from this challenging time in her life was a new way of looking at the body and health “I saw the connection that the stress in my life was affecting my nervous system and my health and that if I didn’t make changes to how I was living my life the outcome would not be what I wanted for myself.” It was then that Dr. Ange truly discovered the power of Chiropractic and with the help of her husband Peter was able to heal. She no longer suffers from many of the stress-related symptoms that were affecting her life before and she credits that to the weekly adjustments she has received for the past 11 years.


Making Connections With Practice Members

Making connections with her practice members is what brings Dr. Ange the greatest joy. Tears are not uncommon in her practice and neither are statements such as, “I’ve never told anyone that.” She creates a safe space for people. “They feel they can open up and share with me the deeper things that are going on in their lives.” Kids love coming to the practice and parents often tell Dr. Ange that their kids ask; “When are we going to see Dr. Ange?” This always puts a smile on her face.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not at her practice, Dr. Ange enjoys spending time with her daughters and being active with them. She loves water sports and likes biking, running, kayaking and skiing. A self-described passionate learner, Dr. Ange loves to read. Her biggest passion currently is learning about early childhood attachment and the effect it has on the nervous system and health. She applies her knowledge to her own parenting as well as to her work with children and families.

Dr. Ange also loves to spend time at her cottage. She still swims sometimes and likes to travel and cook.

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