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About Us

Waiting area at Dr. Ange Wellman's officeWe seek to help local families create extraordinary health and well-being from the inside out using gentle chiropractic adjustments and support for the unique physical and emotional stresses that come from family life.

Our Practice Philosophy

Dr. Ange cares for men, women and practice members of all ages; she is particularly passionate about helping women throughout pregnancy to have the healthiest, most comfortable pregnancy and postpartum period as possible. She also loves working with children as during this period of rapid growth and development it is so important to have a healthy spine and nervous system.

Addressing the Nervous System

Stress dysregulates the nervous system. Over time, a dysregulated, stressed out nervous system can cause illness. That’s why it’s critical to address an imbalanced nervous system from a young age. If kids are in a fight or flight state from not getting their emotional needs met or from having too many demands placed on them at a young age they will develop patterns of tension and stress in the body that will stay with them well into their adult years. It is better to raise healthy kids then to fix injured adults!

Moms, in particular, also tend to experience nervous system dysregulation due to stress. Spending much of their time caring for others often at the expense of themselves mom’s can find themselves struggling with a variety of symptoms as they come into the middle years of their lives. Dr. Ange understands that these symptoms are signals from the body and not only seeks to help relieve the painful effects of chronic headaches (for example), but also helps her practice members to understand how the stresses in their relationships, careers or with their finances (for instance) might be at the root of the problem. While symptoms are annoying and at times distressing they are a gift from the body that can point us in the direction of where change needs to happen in our lives.

If You Have No Stress, You Must Be Dead!

Says Dr. Ange, “A lot of people have stress, and there is a real reluctance to admit to it but in my office stress isn’t a bad word…it’s a fact of life. If you tell me you have no stress, then you must be dead!” Dr. Ange uses state-of-the-art, scanning technology to determine how well you’re adapting to the stresses in your life. The scans give us a glimpse into what is going on below the level of day-to-day awareness which for many is clouded by the busyness of life. The scans can tell us if your “gas pedal is always on” and if you are burning yourself out physiologically.

Chiropractor Brings Ease to the Nervous System

Stress manifests in the body as tension in the spine and dysregulation in the nervous system. The adjustment focuses on releasing tension in the spine and balancing the nervous system so you can better manage stressful situations. People at our practice report that, after they’re adjusted, they feel less anxious, more relaxed and some say they can even think more clearly. (Note these are anecdotal benefits reported by our practice members and are not guaranteed outcomes).

The adjustment, unlike anything else, brings the body into a regulated state very quickly. “What differentiates us as chiropractors is the powerful ability of the adjustment to create instantaneous ease in the nervous system,” says Dr. Ange. “Once the body goes into that state of ease, it can start its own unwinding process. If you’re supporting that process with a look at how your living your life, what’s good and not, to me that’s what the healing process is all about.”

In addition to the chiropractic adjustment, diet, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, healthy relationships and other modalities such as counselling and massage (to name a few) can all play a role in promoting optimal health for your family.

If you could use less stress and more ease in your life, contact our Peterborough practice today to schedule an appointment!

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